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“Good evening Jane,” Mr. Darcy’s voice carried through the thick, dark amber air within the chamber.

“Hello Mr. Darcy,” Jane replied.  Her lips seemingly did not move, as if her thoughts unfolded naturally by design.  She pondered if the words had merely formulated within her own mind. 

“I hope you are well Miss Austen,” the tall figure standing before her huskily intoned.  “You look peaceful this evening, which pleases me as you had appeared so troubled when last I visited you.”   The firm look upon his creased visage portrayed his concern for her well-being.   His dark brown eyes pierced through the darkness within the chamber, gazing into her very soul within her deepest regions.

Jane ruffled under his firm gaze, slightly pleased at his caring tone, although partially disturbed that she had caused him distress.  “I am quite well Mr. Darcy, I appreciate your sentiments on my behalf.”

“I am pleased my lady, now pray tell why did you conjure me to your bedside this evening,” the handsome figure smiled slyly as if he already knew the answer to his inquiry.

 Jane squirreled deeper within her covers, pulling the warm layers more tightly around her lithe body.  She looked into his eyes, and lost herself within.  Forcing herself to speak she whispered, “I wish to inquire as to how you and Miss Bennet are getting along.  I truly am concerned for your relationship sir as you mean much to me, as you know.  Indeed, do her fine eyes still hold sway over you?”

Darcy shook his head, the darkness surrounding his muscled frame shimmering with layers of ripples in the early hours of the morning.   “Jane, you and I have had this conversation many times before my love.  You well know that Miss Bennet is now Mrs. Darcy, and has been for some time now.   We are extremely happy together and I have found a love that I never knew existed.”

Jane’s face scrunched up in mild distaste at his reply, as if she was physically assaulted by his words.  She knew the truth in them as she continued her inner struggle.  Her tortured reply issued from her thoughts into the evening night, “With all the faults of her familial connections, and her poor opinion of you sir, I must admit that I am displeased to hear your words.   When I last focused upon the two of you, her opinion was mightily vexed through the advice of Mr. Wickham.”

“Jane,” the tall figure bent downwards, sitting upon the bed in which she lay.  He gently put a firm hand upon her arm which was lying above the covers, patting her tingling skin.   “You know that you are very special to me, yes?   Everything that I am, I owe to you my lady.   However, I daresay that you know how the story should end.  Elizabeth and I are meant for one another, you know this better than anyone I suppose.   Please, finish the story and let us be happy together.   No one will ever take away the place in my heart that I hold you within.”

Jane smiled at his kind words, and simply nodded her head.   She lightly lay her own hand upon his, reveling in the warmth that he exuded.  His inner fire had always burned brightly to be sure.  She chuckled heartily at the warmth beneath her cool fingers.  “Yes I know my love, and you are as sweet as I could have ever imagined, assuring me of my place within your heart.  I daresay that I have no experience with matrimonially things personally, which may be why I have been thwarted from completing your journey.    Or perchance, I had hoped to attempt to keep you all for myself,” she boldly added, gazing up into his loving eyes with a mild degree of hope.

Darcy smiled upon her with a face full of love and thankfulness.  “I shall always be with you Jane.  You know that.   I will likely continue to visit you for many years to come while you lay here and dream.   The nighttime hours are reserved for us throughout the rest of your eternity.   Thank you for knowing what now to do.   I bid you a loving goodnight my lady.”  He rose from her bed and gently brushed his lips across the top of her hand as he faded into the murky blackness in a corner of her room.

Jane Austen slept onwards throughout the rest of the night.  A smile was upon her face as she slept.  Dreaming of him had put her more at ease.  In the morning she would arise and finish the rest of the story as she now knew what she had to do.

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A Mistake

Two billiard balls careened around the table as Darcy executed a finely-tuned shot.   His yellow ball slowly revolved towards the corner pocket and sank lightly into the awaiting hole.  While he lined up his next shot he chanced a look across the finely adorned billiards room at Netherfield towards a frowning Charles Bingley.   It wasn’t often that Bingley frowned, given his affable nature, but playing billiards with Darcy seemed to bring out an under-compensating guise upon his face.  Darcy quickly sank two additional shots before pausing to take a sip of cognac.

“Bingley, I do believe that we should all retire to Town for a few months,” Darcy finally voicing the troubles that had been swirling around in his head.   “I daresay, haven’t you had enough of this simpleton country life for awhile?  Doesn’t your mind ache for some increased stimulation and proper society?”  Darcy watched the frown deepen on the other man’s face as he began to state his case. 

“I have so enjoyed myself here that I may never wish to leave,” Bingley stated.  His face lit up in his usual merriment as his mind likely wandered to all the raucous balls and other sordid affairs that they had attended recently.  “Darcy, the society here may be lesser than what is to be found in Town, but I find myself infinitely pleased at the simply pleasantries I have experienced at these ‘country balls’ as you deem them.”

“Bingley, I do know that your sisters seriously desire to retire back to Town as soon as possible and are both infinitely bored and at odds with society here.   You sir may be enjoying yourself, but I assure you the rest of us are not.  Think of your sisters’ happiness sir, and how that compares to the qualities of the society in Meryton.”   Darcy himself thought that departing for Town was infinitely necessary.  He desired to escape the fine eyes of Miss Elizabeth Bennett before he found himself considering a rash, inexplicable course of action.

“Darcy, I know that my sisters are not overly fond of society here, but I daresay that it will grow on them in time,” Bingley paused and wielded his cue stick in a half hearted attempt to sink his next billiard ball.  Missing of course as the inner turmoil welled within him, he continued, “And there is the matter of my growing feelings for Miss Jane Bennet,” Bingley cast out.   “I so enjoy her company and she is the most lovely dancer in all of Meryton.  She has a most pleasing countenance and I look forward to seeing her smile whenever possible.”

“Ah, Miss Bennet,” Darcy began with some hesitation, gathering his thoughts.  “I do concur that Miss Bennet is a lovely lady.   However, I have severe reservations of her character, not to mention her family relations.   My astute observation is that she is indifferent and pleasing to all.   I cannot wager that if another gentleman asked her to dance that she would turn her smile upon him, much as she has to you.”  Darcy watched the frown return to Bingley’s face and sought to clarify his position.   He sorely needed to escape Meryton and Miss Elizabeth Bennet and needed to make his friend see reason.  

“Jane Bennet is most likely not interested in you dear sir.  I doubt that she has any intentions at all upon you, as she just appears to go through life with a naïve smile upon her face.   Anything and everything appears to please her.  I fear that she has no real emotions connected to you my friend.”

Bingley looked quite crestfallen as he assimilated this information.  He started to speak but closed his mouth, gathering his thoughts.   “Pray tell, do you truly believe that she has no feelings for me?   I do actually see what you mean Darcy, in that she smiles at anything and everything.”   He paused again, walking around the billiard table in deep contemplation. 

“With other people that Miss Bennet interacts with, do you generally see a smile upon her face?  Much like the one that she wears when dancing with you?” Darcy inquired.  “I do not want you to be taken in just because she smiles all the time.  It is if she has no real emotions or feelings and simply smiles at everything and everyone.”

“Indeed sir, now that you bring this to my attention, I do recall seeing her smile upon other gentlemen during dancing much like she smiles at me.   Could it really simply be her everyday countenance?   I suppose that you are right.  I fear that I may have been caught up too mightily where regard was not truly offered.”

Darcy smiled inwardly, pleased at his friends realization.  Moving in to firm up the issue he added, “And that is without even taking into account her dreadfully improper family.   Her mother alone would make any true gentleman run back to Town.  Her shrill words give me nightmares even to this day.  God be with me if I ever found her as my mother-in-law.”  Darcy shuddered visibly at the thought, sure that Bingley noticing the quiver. 

“It is settled then.  Let us retire to Town the very next day,” Bingley announced, his normal smile gracing his face in pleased countenance.  “My sisters will indeed be so pleased.   My apologies Darcy for dragging you here and subjecting you to this society, I appreciate your intelligent counsel.”  Bingley seemed a little shaken at the moment, perhaps realizing that he might have been about to make a huge mistake in a pursuit of Miss Bennet.  He shook his head as if to clear it of a momentary distasteful thought and looked back at Darcy.

Darcy resumed the game with a staid nod of his head.   Thankfully, he would soon be free of the allure of Miss Bennet’s fine eyes in the near future.

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A Shiver

Darcy and Elizabeth luxuriated together in their bed all morning long.   There were no urgent business requirements at hand, no family in attendance, and nothing that required their attention.   In true fashion when these rare days were upon them, they focused on one another and lovingly spent the morning in each other’s arms.   Such was heaven on earth to them both.

“My dearest Mr. Darcy, we have been married for two months now, and I dare say that I have now explored every single inch of your body, much to my pleasure,” Elizabeth huskily intoned as she lightly slipped her fingers along Darcy’s bare chest.   The covers were slightly pulled back and allowed Elizabeth’s eyes to follow her fingers along every muscled inch of his torso.

“Elizabeth Darcy, you are the most loving, wonderful woman that I could have ever dreamed of being joined with.  Not a single day since our wedding has passed that I have not thanked God for bringing you into my life,” Darcy’s eyes searched Elizabeth’s as he stretched among the covers.

“And you sir, are the sweetest, most kind and giving man that I knew I would always wait for.   I would have never married for less you know.   Less than such a connection as we have, which pleases my heart to no end I daresay.    You give me such pleasure in so many ways.”

“Giving pleasure is easy for me when it comes to you my love.   You have awakened many things within me that have lain dormant for far too long.   With respect to giving pleasure, I do believe there is one thing that comes to mind that I wish to share with you dearest.”

“Pray tell, what could that be?” Elizabeth sensually smiled as her husband rolled beneath the covers and slid his bare body over hers.   

Darcy didn’t say a word.   He simply began at her cheek, bestowing tender kisses along her slender, smooth neck as he worked his way downwards.    Every inch of her shoulders received loving attention, as did her long arms and bare chest.   Darcy moved beneath the covers with his mouth exploring every single inch of her.   His breath cooled the sweet moisture that his mouth left behind as it trailed down her entire body.   He neared her hips and grasped her in his firm hands as he wonderfully moved from her pelvis down to her legs.    Underneath the covers, Darcy continued venturing along every inch of Elizabeth’s body.   His fingers lit her skin on fire, and his mouth and tongue caused her nerves to shudder at his every touch.   Light, tender motions of the barest touch from his mouth caused shivers to erupt throughout her body.   Darcy moved between her thighs and lightly caressed every inch of her smooth, inner legs that were toned and firm from years of walking.  

Dreamily, he moved further, his light touch making her body burst with sensation.   Every inch of her expected and wanted his mouth to alight upon it, and yearned for him to grant each spot with his tender loving attention.   Her back arched in the air mightily, a slight moan escaping from her mouth as his movements centered in one particularly sensitive area.  His touch was exceedingly tender, yet her body wanted more.   Her hips rose slightly into the air, searching for his dreamy touch.   Her back arched again as he granted small, light touches upon her body.   Every single nerve ending within her responded as her whole body began to quiver in building pleasure.   The minutes stretched onwards as time continued to pass.   Elizabeth’s body began to shiver at every light touch that Darcy bestowed upon her skin.   Dreamily, she lost all track of time, as every single part of her solely focused on each potential touch.    Often seconds would go by without a touch from him, and she would arch her back, seeking to bring her body closer to his loving mouth.   When he did touch her, fire burned throughout her entire body, as every inch of her tingled and shivered.   Her toes curled at his every touch, as she grasped a pillow tightly with her hands.  She could barely stand the ripples that flowed through her body and the pillow bore the brunt of her heightened senses.  Multiple shivers coursed through her as he continued his lovingly slow and deep attentions. 

Darcy enjoyed pleasuring his wife with his light touches.  Reveling in the response of her body beneath him, he continued the small torture of her senses.   Moans and gasps from Elizabeth’s mouth urged him onwards, yearning for him to bestow additional pleasure upon her.    Inwardly, he smiled a slight measure in the responses that he felt coursing throughout Elizabeth’s body as he lightly touched her again with his mouth.   Her hips began to quiver and shake underneath his hands which grasped them tightly.   He lovingly continued sending her into previously undiscovered heights of pleasure that she had never dreamed about.

Shivers rolled and arched through Elizabeth’s body until she felt as if she could take no more.  She screamed out for Darcy, needing him.   He crawled from beneath the covers and looked into her eyes.   She pulled him closer to him, her body joining with his.    Ripples of pleasure surged through her as shivers tingled throughout her entire body.   She screamed out many times as her body and mind lost all touch with reality.   She kept her arms wrapped around her Mr. Darcy for a long, long time as the shivers continued to flow through her….

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A servant strode lightly into the room, interrupting Darcy’s solitude.   The white haired, finely clothed footman announced that Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s carriage proceeded up the approach towards Pemberley.  Darcy thanked the man and sighed to himself.  He had been enjoying his afternoon and was certain that an unannounced visit from his aunt could not bear good tidings.   Since completing some business affairs earlier in the day, and a vigorous ride upon his horse, Darcy had been lounging in his conservatory.   A cup of tea and a good book sat nearby his hand as Darcy amusedly wished that it had rained today to forestall a visit from his aunt.  Darcy loved hearing the rain drum and prattle upon the roof of the conservatory, but today was not one of those days.

Greeting his aunt in the foyer moments later, Darcy could tell from the manner in which she strode in the doorway that he wasn’t going to enjoy this visit in the least.  “Lady Catherine, to what do I owe this unexpected, welcomed surprise?” Darcy inquired with a slight bow to his aunt.

“There is no cause to greet me with a welcome Fitzwilliam, as you will likely not like what I have come to demand of you.   I have just been to Longborne where I was continually vexed and rudely treated,” Lady Catherine glared at her nephew as if she dared him to speak up before she said her peace.   She ambled into the drawing room away from the servants, and didn’t even look back to see if Darcy followed her.   Seated in an oversized chair, she continued, “I went to inquire to the unpleasant Miss Elizabeth Bennett as to her intentions upon you my dear nephew.   She was very blunt and unforgiving in her address to me and caused me great strife.  That woman has a wild, saucy streak in her that knows no bounds.”

Darcy inwardly smiled, careful not to let his pleasure assert itself onto his face as he furrowed his brows appropriately at the news that Lady Catherine bestowed upon him.  He must admit that he missed Elizabeth greatly, and had been musing earlier in the conservatory of how and when to see her again.  Properly responding he said, “My lady, please allow to me to express my confusion as I do not know the subject that you were inquiring about at Longborne.  To what end were your questions unanswered?”

“You know very well of what I am speaking nephew,” Lady Catherine spit out in retort.  “I will not have the shades of Pemberley continue to be thus polluted by a woman with such low connections and family relations.   Your father would roll over in his grave if he had heard of what I was informed.   Pray tell Fitzwilliam, what are your intentions towards this lowly girl?  As I could not get a straight answer from her, I must know the answer.”   The elder woman glared at Darcy, forcing him to pull upon a reserve within him not to issue a retort at her baiting reference to his father’s memory.

“Aunt, first and foremost, you know that I would never ‘pollute’ the walls of Pemberley thus, as you reference.   Secondly, I have not formally announced any intention to form into a bonding with Miss Elizabeth Bennett.  Thirdly, if I did ever wish to do so, please know that although I hold you in high regard, you have no sway over my actions or those concerning Pemberley.”

Lady Catherine looked back at Darcy as if he had struck her.  Her face screwed up into a grimace as she formulated her response.   With a heavy sigh she attempted another tactic, “But Fitzwilliam, you must acknowledge that the woman has very low breeding and no connections within society in the least.   I know not what is within your mind, but if you do have some interest in this woman, please allow me to talk some sense into you.   I will not have the family name soured and downtrodden in this manner.”

Darcy took a deep breath, picturing Elizabeth’s smiling face in his head, her eyes twinkling at him, as he lost himself within their deep chestnut-brown pools of beauty.   “Aunt, again, you have no governance over my actions or who I am to eventually wed.   You have no sway upon the workings or prestige of Pemberley, so please do not overstep your bounds.  If you have nothing else to add, I must hasten to suggest that you depart.”

Lady Catherine sighed deeply, rising to her feet, muttering to herself.   “If that is the way you must be, I see that I will gain no quarter here.  I had thought I would find keener minds that might prevail to dissuade me of the rumors that I heard, but I am disheartened to find that is not the case.”

Darcy accompanied his aunt back to the doorway, inwardly smiled as he pictured that this was likely how the discourse with Elizabeth had probably proceeded as well.   Darcy was sure that her quick wit and sharp tongue had given Lady Catherine a more vicious lashing than even he had done.   He would have to ask her about it someday.   Suppressing his grin, Darcy bid his aunt farewell, “Aunt, you know that you are always welcome at Pemberley, and although I will not apologize for the state of my mind, you should know that I continually have the best interests of family and Pemberley firmly in my countenance.” 

“Hmmph!  We shall see about that,” Lady Catherine retorted.  “I daresay that I will never accept that woman into the Darcy family.   She is a pleasant enough kind of girl, but certainly is not your equal Fitzwilliam.  I do hope that you reconsider your actions and think heartily upon them before doing anything rash.”

“I certainly have listened to your opinions Aunt, but in the end I will do what is best for me and Pemberley,” Darcy proudly defended his position.  “I wish you a good day Aunt, but nothing that you say will sway my temperament.”

“Well then, good day sir,” was all that Lady Catherine added before departing.  Continuing a muttering to herself with Darcy politely ushering her out the door, he could hear her distasteful state of mind through the heavy oak.   Darcy would not let his Aunt change what was firmly within his heart and knew that even though she had more to say on the matter, he was resolute in his standing. 

Darcy stood by a window in the foyer, watching as his aunt was assisted back up into her carriage by the awaiting footmen.   His heart actually was soaring upon reflection of the encounter, and he found himself missing Elizabeth all the more so now than he had been earlier.  It seemed to him as if they were oceans apart from one another at the moment, and he sought to somehow close the distance in order to be able to gaze upon her beautiful face.   He longed to touch her hand, and dance with her.  He ached to look upon her face, and hear her witty remarks.  He sought to make their union possible with every fiber of his being.   Interestingly, more so now after his Aunt’s visit than ever before, Darcy’s head and heart allowed him to hope as never before.  His heart raced at the prospect of being with the woman of his desires.

He was extraordinarily proud of hearing how Elizabeth had stood up to his aunt.  He knew that she was a well-poised, proper lady, and was heartened to hear that she had stood her ground.   It was just one more thing that he learned about Miss Bennett that heartened him deeply.  Even more pleasing was the fact that she had not dissuaded Lady Catherine of the possibility of a connection with Darcy. 

Hope burgeoned within him as he wondered if Miss Bennett missed him as much as he did her.  He could only hope that Elizabeth’s heart was opening up to him, as they had enjoyed many pleasant moments together in the recent past.  He hurried to his study to make plans to depart for Longborne as soon as possible.  He could arrive under the auspices of visiting Bingley, but knew that his horse would direct him with haste into the waiting arms of Miss Elizabeth Bennett.  Could he dare to hope so much as to be well received by her?  His mind soared at the prospect as he prepared his travel plans.  He would not tarry even a second more, desiring to be at Longborne the very next morning.

Darcy knew what was in his heart, and that was all that mattered.

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