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My very first Darcy novel has finally been completed and it was a true labor of love to craft.   I believe that I have held true to the characters and period that Miss Austen held dear to her heart.   It has been my honor to write the story, and I hope that readers will luxuriate in the expressions that I have created.  I escaped into the world of Miss Austen’s characters with pleasure and hope that I have done the period the justice that it deserves.  

I dearly hope you will join me, @TWDarcy in conversation. 

Print Book:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1478101288


Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008ENSV1A

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mr-darcy-parries-forth-in-love-john-d-ayers/1111812048?ean=2940014630733

Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/175804

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A thank you to readers

This is not my normal Darcy musings kind of post…  It is more of a thank you to a few people…And a sweet teaser to those that have not enjoyed some pages of my new Darcy book yet. 

I have given a few chapters of my completed, but pending Darcy book to a number of helpful people.  For them to read and provide critiques.     Thank you to everyone who spent the time to enjoy the pages and for your kind words…  below….  my sincerest thanks.


“I blushed, and blushed some more.  Do they ever get out of bed?  I loved every part of the sweet story.”

“I have now read your attached chapters, I read them thoroughly and with great enjoyment being a Darcy fan myself, I love the cross over you have made from Pride and pred! It all fits together perfectly, I think this Genre of writing has truly found you.  So beautifully written. I could have been reading a novel by Jane Austen herself! I loved it I will be buying it, this is my true honest review so far! There is not a fault with your story, it reads how it should, for this period of time and the setting! Well done, I truly believe you have surpassed yourself.  This book I believe has the makings of a best seller, that is where I believe it should be… on the top of a best sellers list! Very beautifully written pure brilliance!  I Look forward to buying the complete book with pride!! If it will be in paper back I shall buy the paper back too.”

“I finished reading your first three chapters. Fabulous job so far – you’re writing is very artistic – it paints a perfect visual as you read it.”

“It is a beautifully written story, with a very good beginning, setting the scene and presenting Darcy and Lizzy in their natural elements. The author shows quite a talent to write in the most Austenesque manner, and at the same time the writing flows so fluidly. The words flow naturally, making you become engaged in the reading until the end. Using flashbacks and letting us know what is in the characters minds, the author makes sure that the reader is interested in continuing reading, to know more, to get the whole story. I love the twist in the story, showing Georgiana as a wannabe writer. In general, it is a lovely excerpt from what I am sure it will be a lovely book.  I highly recommend it to everybody. Well done!! It is refreshing to get an Austen sequel from the male point of view.   I am really looking forward to read the rest of the book. Thanks for sharing these pages with me!!”

My SINCEREST thanks to all that spent a little time reading a couple of the first chapters of my new book.    The editing continues…    Hopefully completed soon….


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