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Mr. Darcy found himself giddy like he had not been since back whence he was a school boy.   The smile upon his face for the past fortnight had not wavered one bit.  The cause of this was the sweet gift that he was planning for Mrs. Darcy’s impending birthday.  He had not always been this way, and found his newfound love of romantic gestures to be a pleasant situation.  His sweetElizabethbrought these thoughts out of him, and he truly knew not from where they sprang forth.   He only knew that he dearly loved how much better of a man she motivated him to be.

“Mrs. Reynolds, has it arrived yet?” Darcy inquired of his housekeeper for the fourth time this morning.   He paced back and forth in the front drawing room, awaiting a delivery that was due to show sometime this morning.  

His affable housekeeper placated her Master with a simple, “No sir, but I have word from the footmen that they have spotted a courier about one kilometer from Pemberley on his way here.  So I wager that the arrival should occur any moment.”

Darcy continued to pace back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back.  He knew thatElizabethwas strolling in the gardens with Georgiana, per his design this morning.   He did not need Mrs. Darcy around when the post arrived as he likened that he may not be able to control himself.   So, he had enlisted the aid of his dear sister to ‘suggest’ a walk toElizabeththis morning.  Georgiana had sweetly smiled at her loving brother and easily acquiesced.      

Darcy pulled at the white cravat around his neck as a flush came upon his face at the thought of the present that would be arriving.  Elizabeth’s birthday was two days hence, and Darcy had been planning the commission of this present for the past two fortnights.  Granted, Darcy had a variety of presents for his bride, and although he knew that she would love them all because they were from him, he knew that she truly wanted for no material gestures.   He had procured a ruby and diamond necklace that was exquisite, as well as a few fine gowns created by Madame de Loire especially made forElizabeth.   There were a multitude of ‘things’ that he would bestow upon her on her special day, but the one simple gift that was arriving momentarily, Darcy knew that Elizabeth would love the most.

The courier stepped up the marble staircase of Pemberley as Darcy himself opened the door to greet the man.   The uniformed man was slightly taken aback at seeing the Master of the house open the door, but quickly checked himself as he proffered the package to Mr. Darcy.   Darcy quickly disappeared with the parcel into his study, leaving Mrs. Reynolds to complete the paperwork for the post.   The elderly lady smiled to herself as she knew all about the sweet gesture that Darcy was enamored with at the moment.

Ensconced in his study, Darcy opened the parchment surrounding the gift.   A local craftsman had artfully created a wooden, inlaid frame around a simple piece of paper.   A pane of glass covered the contents of the displayed prose as Darcy ran his fingers along the beveled edge of the wood.  Contained within the frame were a selection of poems thatElizabethheld near and dear to her heart.   She often had Darcy read them to her when they were luxuriating within their chambers together.  He knew them all by heart, as the words were ingrained in his mind.   The poems were by a variety of authors, including one by Coleridge and one from Lord Tennyson.  In total there were five odes to love displayed within the frame.  Darcy’s heart flipped and beat faster as he ran his fingers along the words.   He imaginedElizabethreading them for the first time after opening the gift.  He knew that she would likely tear up and deeply feel his loving gesture for what it truly was.   These words were among some of the strongest prose that described their deeply shared connection.  Often words could not describe what they truly shared, but some did come close to capturing the true feeling.  Darcy knew that what they shared was special.  It was not something borne of novels or stories.  It was real life and they luxuriated in the truly felt, once in a lifetime feeling they shared together. 

Darcy realized that he was still smiling as he quickly wrapped back up the gift.   He was infinitely sure that this gesture would beElizabeth’s favorite package that she opened on her birthday.   All the pounds in the world could purchase diamond necklaces, butElizabethwould know right away that this gift came from deep within Darcy’s heart.    He thought that she might be speechless upon opening it, and could imagine her dark chestnut eyes simply looking up at him.  Twinkling and full of love.   He could see her eyes in his mind as she looked at him, knowing that no words would be able to describe what she felt at that moment.  Her beautiful eyes would reach deep within his soul as they always did.  He would smile back at her, and then lean over and kiss her lips and touch her cheek.  

Hiding away the gift, Darcy attempted to compose himself and went in search of his wife.   His heart was full of her at the moment and he could not get her out of his thoughts.   He longed to touch her and lay his hand upon her arm.  He strove to maintain himself as he moved down the grand staircase.   He had no idea how he could control himself over the following two days.  But he chuckled at his discomfort.   The sweet gesture that he had devised would likely cause him to smile more and make his eyes twinkle every moment that he looked upon his wife for the following two nights.  He sorely hoped that she did not notice.

His heart was full.  His life was better with her in it.   Giddy, as a schoolboy, Darcy went in search of his wife…



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Beneath a warm sun, Darcy and Elizabeth ambled together along the wooded paths throughout the many acres of Pemberley’s rolling lands.  Darcy held the hand of his wife as they meandered aimlessly along with no purpose besides to simply be with one another and enjoy the outdoors.   Darcy absolutely lovedElizabeth’s passion for activities out in the playground that nature provided.  Her zest and inner need to seek out active pursuits was one he adored about her as it mirrored his own countenance.

They wandered together with no destination in mind.   Darcy snuck a few glances over towardsElizabeth’s beautiful face with frequency as he listened to her chatty voice.   He loved her voice, and felt that he could feel her emotions flow forth within her every word.   Chatting with her was more wonderful of a pastime for him than he ever could have imagined.   They had been married now for a few months and he never tired of hearing her sweet tones. 

“Mr. Darcy are you listening to me my love?”Elizabethqueried her husband once she noticed the far away look upon his visage.  “I was asking you whether or not you desired for me to invite theHurststo the upcoming ball, but you appeared too lost in your thoughts to provide an answer my dear sir.” Elizabethgently thrust out her bottom lip, slightly pouting in a playful manner.   She could never be coarse with her husband, as he normally attended to her more passionately than any man ever had.  And she often knew his thoughts just as deeply as he knew hers.  She could tell that his mind was elsewhere at the moment and she actually had an idea of where his thoughts had journeyed.

Darcy smiled back at his wife, as a slight blush rose to his cheeks.   “My dearest, loveliestElizabeth, please accept my sincerest apologies for not listening to you over the past few minutes.   Indeed my thoughts were elsewhere and I am truly sorry my beloved.”

“And pray tell sir, where exactly had your thoughts journeyed off to?”Elizabethteased as she saw Darcy squirm slightly amid her inquires.

“My musings were upon the most wonderful woman.  This extraordinary woman loves the outdoors, and possesses a voice which I love listening to for hours.  She views life much in the way that I do, but she actually has many deeper insights to teach me of as well.   She connects with every single fiber of my being, emotionally and deeply.  I can hear her voice in my head when I am far from home, and she captures my heart.”  Darcy shuffled his feet forwards as he looked deep intoElizabeth’s eyes.    The smile upon her face grew larger and larger as he continuing speaking of the woman within his daydreams.    Her eyes twinkled as his words surged to her very soul.

“She sounds like a very special lady.  Perhaps I should meet her someday,”Elizabethlightly fluttered as her heart beat faster.

“Indeed, you have no idea how special she truly is to me,” Darcy mused back to his wife as they smiled happily at one another and stopped in the woods for a deep, slow kiss.  


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A Shiver

Darcy and Elizabeth luxuriated together in their bed all morning long.   There were no urgent business requirements at hand, no family in attendance, and nothing that required their attention.   In true fashion when these rare days were upon them, they focused on one another and lovingly spent the morning in each other’s arms.   Such was heaven on earth to them both.

“My dearest Mr. Darcy, we have been married for two months now, and I dare say that I have now explored every single inch of your body, much to my pleasure,” Elizabeth huskily intoned as she lightly slipped her fingers along Darcy’s bare chest.   The covers were slightly pulled back and allowed Elizabeth’s eyes to follow her fingers along every muscled inch of his torso.

“Elizabeth Darcy, you are the most loving, wonderful woman that I could have ever dreamed of being joined with.  Not a single day since our wedding has passed that I have not thanked God for bringing you into my life,” Darcy’s eyes searched Elizabeth’s as he stretched among the covers.

“And you sir, are the sweetest, most kind and giving man that I knew I would always wait for.   I would have never married for less you know.   Less than such a connection as we have, which pleases my heart to no end I daresay.    You give me such pleasure in so many ways.”

“Giving pleasure is easy for me when it comes to you my love.   You have awakened many things within me that have lain dormant for far too long.   With respect to giving pleasure, I do believe there is one thing that comes to mind that I wish to share with you dearest.”

“Pray tell, what could that be?” Elizabeth sensually smiled as her husband rolled beneath the covers and slid his bare body over hers.   

Darcy didn’t say a word.   He simply began at her cheek, bestowing tender kisses along her slender, smooth neck as he worked his way downwards.    Every inch of her shoulders received loving attention, as did her long arms and bare chest.   Darcy moved beneath the covers with his mouth exploring every single inch of her.   His breath cooled the sweet moisture that his mouth left behind as it trailed down her entire body.   He neared her hips and grasped her in his firm hands as he wonderfully moved from her pelvis down to her legs.    Underneath the covers, Darcy continued venturing along every inch of Elizabeth’s body.   His fingers lit her skin on fire, and his mouth and tongue caused her nerves to shudder at his every touch.   Light, tender motions of the barest touch from his mouth caused shivers to erupt throughout her body.   Darcy moved between her thighs and lightly caressed every inch of her smooth, inner legs that were toned and firm from years of walking.  

Dreamily, he moved further, his light touch making her body burst with sensation.   Every inch of her expected and wanted his mouth to alight upon it, and yearned for him to grant each spot with his tender loving attention.   Her back arched in the air mightily, a slight moan escaping from her mouth as his movements centered in one particularly sensitive area.  His touch was exceedingly tender, yet her body wanted more.   Her hips rose slightly into the air, searching for his dreamy touch.   Her back arched again as he granted small, light touches upon her body.   Every single nerve ending within her responded as her whole body began to quiver in building pleasure.   The minutes stretched onwards as time continued to pass.   Elizabeth’s body began to shiver at every light touch that Darcy bestowed upon her skin.   Dreamily, she lost all track of time, as every single part of her solely focused on each potential touch.    Often seconds would go by without a touch from him, and she would arch her back, seeking to bring her body closer to his loving mouth.   When he did touch her, fire burned throughout her entire body, as every inch of her tingled and shivered.   Her toes curled at his every touch, as she grasped a pillow tightly with her hands.  She could barely stand the ripples that flowed through her body and the pillow bore the brunt of her heightened senses.  Multiple shivers coursed through her as he continued his lovingly slow and deep attentions. 

Darcy enjoyed pleasuring his wife with his light touches.  Reveling in the response of her body beneath him, he continued the small torture of her senses.   Moans and gasps from Elizabeth’s mouth urged him onwards, yearning for him to bestow additional pleasure upon her.    Inwardly, he smiled a slight measure in the responses that he felt coursing throughout Elizabeth’s body as he lightly touched her again with his mouth.   Her hips began to quiver and shake underneath his hands which grasped them tightly.   He lovingly continued sending her into previously undiscovered heights of pleasure that she had never dreamed about.

Shivers rolled and arched through Elizabeth’s body until she felt as if she could take no more.  She screamed out for Darcy, needing him.   He crawled from beneath the covers and looked into her eyes.   She pulled him closer to him, her body joining with his.    Ripples of pleasure surged through her as shivers tingled throughout her entire body.   She screamed out many times as her body and mind lost all touch with reality.   She kept her arms wrapped around her Mr. Darcy for a long, long time as the shivers continued to flow through her….

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Sitting down to relax and take a break from riding across Pemberley’s lands, Darcy quickly found his eyes closing as he began to nap.  The setting of their wedding night slowly ran through Darcy’s head moment by moment as he slept.   The wedding itself flowed through his mind as he remembered every feeling that had surged through him as he stood next to her in the chapel.   Her gown had been absolutely exquisite and she was more stunning than any other bride he had ever laid eyes upon.   He questioned himself momentarily as the vicar droned on.   What had he done to deserve such an amazing woman?  He knew she loved him, and he loved her with all his heart.   That was all that was necessary to know.   Simple, but true.

The scenes slightly quickened as his mind played through them.   Their families and friends were there, wishing them a long, happy life.  The carriage waiting outside the chapel took them to the inn where Darcy had sent a servant to secure a night’s stay away from the world, before returning to Pemberley.

Quickened glances flowed through his synapses as Darcy’s mind latched onto the image of the two of them at the door to their bridal suite.   His black jacket offset her white gown in such a manner that everything seemed vibrant within his memory.   Their smiles shone through it all, beaming at one another brilliantly.

The newly wedded couple moved through the doorway hand in hand, and entered the large expanse of a suite that Darcy had procured for them.   A highly prized French wine was open, breathing on the table.  It was set next to a small feast of cheeses and breads per Darcy’s request.  Fresh flowers lit upon every other available surface of the room, in vases and containers that numbered more than could easily be counted.  Elizabeth had looked into Darcy’s eyes upon seeing the room set up just so for them and said, “The day for us has already been so perfect, and now this.   I am truly blessed to have you as my husband Mr. Darcy.”   Darcy remembered her sentence word for word and his body shivered slightly at the remembrance.  His response had been something to the effect of, “All for you Mrs. Darcy, my mind, body and soul.”

Elizabeth had risen to her tip-toes then, responding to his dear sentence with a long, inviting kiss.    The two of them embraced and longingly kissed onwards as they explored one another fully for the first time as man and wife.  

Darcy felt the feelings pass through his sleeping body as his mind recounted the full ardor that had welled up within him.   For months during their engagement, due to propriety, the two of them had been unable to fully express their love for one another in any manner besides words and feelings.   Now their bodies were pressed closely and tightly against each other and he could feel the arousal borne of months and months in waiting for this exact moment begin to overpower him.

Elizabeth Bennett the vivacious woman that she was during their engagement became slightly demure in those initial moments in the wedding chamber.   Even with every single fiber of his being tingling in desire for her, he had recognized her faint discomfort.  He spoke of it to her, seeking to ease any thoughts that she had.  “Elizabeth, my heart, my love, please know that I desire to be with you more than I have ever wanted anyone in my entire life.  But I want to tell you now, before our feelings overtake us, that I will be gentle and loving with you.   I do know that you have only a slight knowledge of these things, and I implore you to tell me if anything that I do hurts you in any way.”

Elizabeth’s eyes had teared up at the sweet, counsel from her husband.  She stared back at him with renewed love all over again as she spoke, “My dear husband, I am your wife and I only hope with every fiber of my being that I am able to meet your every need.   I yearn for you, and have for months.   Although I may add that I feel a bit shy at the moment, I seek to please you in all the ways that a woman should.  It heartens me to know that you are every bit the man that I envisioned and I thank you for your gentle words.   I am sure that together we will be joined as smoothly as in everything else that we have experienced.”  The two of them had a bit of a chuckle at that, with the full knowledge of their interesting thwarted courtship not so newly behind them.   Darcy moved towards his bride, rubbing his fingers along her waist, drawing her nearer to him.  They embraced deeply yet again, their combined heat warming the room more than the raging fireplace would ever hope to match.

Darcy’s fingers finally found the numerous buttons of Elizabeth’s gown, and slowly began working their whiles upon them.  Slowly, without hurry, he released one after another from its clasp.   Her gown finally fell to her feet in a wonderful circle around her bare ankles.   They both glanced downwards and Darcy lifted Elizabeth off the ground out of the folds of her laden gown. Elizabeth glanced at her gown on the floor under Darcy’s gaze as he wondered what she must be feeling in her first encounter with a man.  He strove to be as loving and gentle as he could with her to ease her shyness.  Her many layers underneath proved a further combative struggle as Darcy gently attacked the ties and clasps within.  Elizabeth, not to be undone in the wager, beset herself against Darcy’s cravat, untying it as she had wanted to do for months.   Darcy’s waistcoast only boasted five or six buttons which were easily defeated.   His crisp, white linen shirt beneath had smaller buttons, but her nimble fingers made quick work of them.   They continued to kiss and fondle as their hands sought to unburden them.

Darcy slept on in the comfortable dell, the sun still shining above as only a few true minutes had passed.  His subconscious mind played through a long interval of memories even as time proceeded slowly on the plane of reality.  

Blessed skin.   The next memory played through his mind was of Elizabeth’s bare body, finally free of all of her clothes, pressed up against Darcy’s chest.   He still had his trousers on, but Elizabeth was working on those.   Soon, they fell to the floor, amidst the other articles of already shed clothing.  

Finally.  They were both barred and free to press deeply against one another as nature intended.   Their inner heat blossomed and raged as their bodies stood next to one another, pressing into each other as tightly as possible.   Darcy wanted more.   He lifted his bride up in his arms and strode to the bedside.   Depositing her gently, his hands never left her bare skin as he crawled on top of her.   They both smiled at one another and renewed their kissing.    Their mouths seemed unable to be apart from one another for too long.  Elizabeth was slightly shy and obviously was feeling overwhelmed by the moment, but Darcy strived to make her feel at ease. 

Darcy felt his loving bride beneath him.   Lord, how he had wanted this exact moment to come.  Over the torturous period of the last few months, not to mention the months before that when he had thought that she was lost to him, his body had yearned to join with hers as deeply as humanly possible.   Their spirits were already aligned, their minds thought alike in so many ways, all that remained was their bodies to know one another as deeply as could be.  Darcy noted a slight tremor in her body and wondered if it was from an inner desire for him, or from trepidation of her first encounter. 

He proceeded gently.   Ever so gently.   Lightly, moreso than his every thought and mind wanted to, but he so desired not to in the least hurt his wife.  He looked into her eyes as lovingly as he could, fully overwhelmed by his passion for her as their romance unfurled.  Elizabeth’s face beneath him exuded a mixture of emotions.   At once she moaned deeply, at other moments she seemed pained.   It was obvious to Darcy that she was feeling both pleasure and unknown pain in her first encounter.   He loved this woman, and wanted her deeply.  But the last thing he wanted was to hurt her in any way.  That was unconsciousnable in his mind.   He would not have it be that way. 

Darcy could see all the emotions flowing across her face, and tried to read her thoughts.    After both of them were exhausted, Darcy put his head upon her chest and drew her eyes to his as they lay together.   “Elizabeth, my darling, I do hope that I was not too hard with you.   It would entirely kill me to have hurt you.  My love, this is just the beginning of our entire lives together but somehow dearest, I wager that you will become quite a minx in the bedroom.   Just a thought I have given your vivacious personality.”   

Elizabeth laughed at this, a smile returning to her face.   “My dear Darcy.  I have never doubted that you are the most wonderful man I have ever met.  You are quite the romantic sir, and I feel safe and secure in your arms.  I truly hope that I have exceeded your expectations on the evening of our wedding.  I love you deeply and desire you.  I am so happy to be your wife.  What I just felt and experienced is unlike anything that I have ever imagined.  Being with you so deeply gives me shivery butterflies and makes my toes tingle!”

“Hmm, Lizzy, you are a wonderful woman.   You complete my body and soul and I desire you every second of the day.   Together, we will join together such that neither of us has ever experienced.   A marriage full of both desire and love such as ours cannot be denied and will heighten us to the fullest regions of pleasure.  Together we will journey there my love.”

Elizabeth’s smile in return beamed fuller than Darcy had ever seen previously.   She lay next to him in bare splendor, with her dark eyes twinkling at his.   “Perhaps my darling you are ready to continue my newfound pleasure in the realm of married passion?” she demurely intoned, reaching for her husband again.  Elizabeth slid her bare body across Darcy’s muscular frame again, and he felt every single nerve within him respond to her smooth touch.  Her porecelin skin slid so softly against his chest and his legs that he groaned in the very pleasure of it.    

Snapping awake, Darcy felt his skin on fire, deeply and adroitly remembering the feeling of their first night together.   Having napped for only about twenty minutes, Darcy felt refreshed and alive.  His only thought was ofElizabeth.  Now.  Her.   Wanting her near him.   He ran over to Parsifal, releasing the reigns from the post and mounting his steed quickly, turning towards home.   He needed to gaze upon his lovely wife’s face.  Nothing would keep him from seeing her beautiful visage.   Her brilliant brown eyes and dark tussled hair beckoned him.   He whipped Parsifal heartily into action, quickly moving into a gallop towards home and his beloved.

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A Kiss

Elizabeth led Darcy around the lake for a walk as their wonderful day together continued to unfold.   Having lain together on the blanket in the private enclosure of trees all day enjoying their picnic, her ardor had been dominating her thoughts.  Darcy’s gentle touches upon her as they had luxuriated and nibbled on the picnic fare had created a need for her to walk, lest she pursue very bold actions right there on the blanket.  His hand now clasped within hers, they walked and chatted about the beautiful setting that they moved through.   After striding halfway around the lake together, conversing in their usual banter, Elizabeth spied a gathering of stones on the side of the water.   The smooth rocks were fashioned by Mother Nature in a natural bench and invited them to take a break and sit down for a spell.  She led Darcy to the spot, gathering up the many folds of her dress around her so that they could sit close together and continue touching.  Her reason for sitting was quickly evident to Darcy as he positioned himself facing her so that he could look into her eyes as his hands ran light caresses along her shoulders. 

They sat together, gazing into each others’ face for a long time with Darcy nuzzling his lips across her neck as he laid his head onto her shoulder, content and happy in every possible way. This extraordinary woman is all mine he thought, and she loves me more deeply than anyone else in the entire world. His happiness flowed throughout his entire face, lighting up all of his features.  Tilting his head upwards, losing himself within Lizzy’s deep, dark, brown eyes he spoke, “I love you dearest, with my mind, body and soul.” He watched as a sly smile crossed her face.  She responded to him by moving her face closer to his.

They almost kissed, with their lips scant inches apart from one another, but at the last second, Darcy drew back his mouth a faint quarter of an inch. Moving closer back together, their mouths opening ever so slight… inviting to one another.  With a touch ever so tender, moving his head forward Darcy felt the tip of Lizzy’s tongue with his own.  Moving their mouths together with their tongues touching in a delicate, ever so gentle manner, they both felt an inner need rising within.  Gesturing forward, unable to contain himself with just a light touch for much longer, Darcy pressed his lips full against hers and kissed her with passion.  Breaking contact moments later, backing away mere inches, the twinkling in his eyes mirroring her own, with both of them smiling.  They stared into each other’s eyes, as the rest of the world disappeared around them.  They leaned closer to one another again as if drawn by an inner, magnetic force, with their lips parted ever so slight as they pressed their mouths tenderly against one another.  As her soft lips only barely touched his, every fiber of their being awakened as their shared ardor rose from within.  The air felt hot and full, capturing shared breath between their open, searching mouths.  

Delicate gestures with the tips of their tongues searched forward in the space between their mouths.   With their lips parted, mere inches apart at the moment, their tongues lightly teased one another which only served to enhance their torturous state of arousal.  The intense yearning passing between their twinkling eyes incited smiles upon both of their faces.  Seizing upon the wanting growing within both of them, as their ragged breathing grew, Lizzy grabbed onto Darcy’s waist with her hands, curling her fingers into the folds of fabric at his hips, digging her fingers into his waistcoat. The rest of the world held no bearing for either of them as time truly stopped.  Only the two of them were on the lakeshore, alone, and together, joined so deeply that all they could feel were each other.  As the air around them shimmered with heated desire they pressed hard into one another.  Darcy could feel her light, soft lips touching his briefly, their tongues tantalizingly pressing together, teasing one another devilishly. Sharing hot, wanting breath full of more than just desire, made it feel as if their hearts were beating together.  Heated, both of them rocked back and forth slowly, in tune to one another’s embrace. Darcy shivered, and grasped her shoulders tightly with his hands as a full blown shudder passed through his body of its own volition.

Time ceased to exist.  Kissing with nothing else in the world entering their thoughts except their breathing, the heightened intensity of their desirable feelings overwhelmed them.  Onwards and onwards both of them spiraled deeper and deeper into one another, losing themselves in the moment. Darcy felt continued shivers coursing through Lizzy’s entire body beneath his hands as she quivered with every gentle touch of his lips, his tongue, his mouth. With a mere kiss, as intense as anything that either of them had ever experienced, they found themselves entering a bliss that neither had ever felt throughout their entire lives.  A continually wanting shudder was flowing through Lizzy’s body as Darcy finally began pulling himself away from her. As their breath continued to flow in hot exhalations, they strove to regain control of themselves before they drove each other fully insane. 

Time began to tick by again as they looked into one another’s eyes with a shared intensity.  The glance acknowledged that they must stop here, before all propriety was thrown to the wind.   With a sly look at his wife, Darcy’s eyes alluded to the fact that this kiss would be continued once they were ensconced in their own chambers later today.   He extended his hand towards her outstretched one, which he could see trembled ever so slightly as he aided Elizabeth to her feet.  Together they undertook the journey back to the picnic blanket to pack their fares and head for the awaiting carriage hand in hand.

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