A Dance

Often times in the past, Darcy had looked upon dancing with barely veiled disgust.   His pride and contempt were evident in his staid composure as he watched his affable friend, Mr. Bingley sail across the floor with many a curly, blond-haired lady upon his arm.   Darcy stood in the corner, observing, but not partaking in the forays.   To him, dances were one borne of elegance and proper composure, and the less refined instances that he found himself attending with his friend Bingley were certainly not up his proper sense of par within society. 

His hawk like stare observed many a fault upon decorum throughout the room as steps were missed, and awkward moments abounded.   The ladies were all coiffed in their finest gowns, but in the country setting of Meryton, none of the adornments could be considered worthy of those to be beheld in Town.  A few of the women in attendance were certainly lovely in their own simple way, but Darcy did not desire to entertain the pose of dancing with lesser instructed partners. 

For him two things bestowed pleasure upon his countenance and were second to none during a turn about the floor, if executed properly.  The mere feel of a woman’s hand upon his was a very pleasurable contentment in the joined nature of a dance.  Pressing one’s hand against the dainty hand of an equaled partner always pleased him to no end.   It was a simple gesture, but true.  Additionally, the observance of a highly-held, curved neck when a woman of fine posture framed her gaze aloft while reciting the steps properly was likewise an enticing sight.  As Darcy rolled his eyes across the assembly, his thinly veiled contempt showed upon his face.   He did concede that his friend, Mr. Bingley had chosen one of the most beautiful women at the dance.   Darcy knew that Miss Bennett’s younger sister was also finely composed, but he still held no desire to enter into a dance with her in such a raucous environment.

Darcy chanced a look across the room to the chestnut haired Miss Elizabeth Bennett and observed her as she gaily chatted with those that surrounded her station.   Darcy noted that her posture was erect, and she certainly did hold herself slightly above the silly escapades that her younger sisters engaged in.  She appeared to even attempt to rein her offending sisters in slightly whenever propriety demanded intervention.

Darcy imagined within his mind of how a dance with Miss Bennett would unfold.  Her graceful arms would likely sweep through the air in an elegant manner, and she certainly demonstrated fine posture, but Darcy focused anew upon her alabaster skin and deep, brown eyes.   He would certainly enjoy staring across the floor into her smiling visage.  Although, he knew she held no desire to dance with him, as she had made herself clear on the subject earlier.   Still, he mused on the prospect, a small inkling of curiosity building within him, even amidst the loud, torturous rambling that continued throughout the room.

Indeed he posed that a dance with the lovely Miss Bennett would certainly not be all that difficult to undertake.  He wondered if she would whirl about the room quietly, or whether she would interject affable banter when she was close to her partner.   One can never tell in advance of these things…


A Look

Reposed on a couch, with his back straight in the air, Darcy gazed across the room at a beautiful sight.  With a hand resting against his firm chin, his piercing eyes found the object of his respect and desire.   Miss Elizabeth Bennett stood behind the pianoforte, attending to Darcy’s young sister Georgiana.   Darcy’s bold eyes locked upon Elizabeth’s chestnut brown colored ones.  Losing himself deep within the dark pools of inner strength and beauty as their eyes held one another Darcy felt an extraordinary respect for this woman.   Moments ago, the spiteful Miss Bingley had brought up a devilish topic, one of Mr. Wickham.  The very air had been sucked out of the room as silence greeted Miss Bingley’s proffered evil spite.  Miss Bennett had simply not taken the bait, but instead had strode over to Georgiana to assist her in turning the pages of music held aloft atop the pianoforte.   The posture and ladylike demeanor that had been exuded by Elizabeth heralded a truly genteel upbringing that her father would be proud of Darcy was sure.

Darcy felt an immense pride growing within him as he continued to stare into Miss Bennett’s eyes across the room.   He had already held her in high regard, but she was proving herself even loftier in her poise and manner than he had previously known.   Her lack of prejudice back upon Miss Bingley had saved Darcy’s sister from a tenuous conversation.   The look of this woman now returned back to him, filled him with a mixture of thoughts.  Every fiber of his being was attuned to her at this moment.   She graced him was such a caring glance, as her eyes held his.  A man feels full when embraced fully under the gaze of just such a woman.

Miss Bennett’s gentle look held Darcy’s as a shared countenance flowed between them, charged with palpable feeling.  A mutual respect, a shared thankfulness, and a growing love for one another.   Caring about other people’s feelings and putting them ahead of one’s own is a difficult quality to master.   Darcy knew this from experience as his own posture was often tested.  He mused inwardly as to how it could be that this country borne lady could exude such grace and ladylike demeanor?

The rest of the inhabitants in the room simply ceased to exist.   The shared look that passed between the two figures existed in a world all its own unstressed by outside interference.   Darcy could hear the music that his sister played, but his entire mind and soul were captured in the gaze returned to him from across the room.   His heart pattered quicker within his chest as his mind raced, full of feelings for this extraordinary woman.   She proceeded to enrapture him more so with every day that passed.  He found that his mind journeyed to thoughts of her when she was not within his sight.   He knew deep within that his future years would be dim and boring without her affable laughter to accompany him.  His body of course, desired to know her more fully; the depths of which were not to even be entertained at this moment.  But her twinkling eyes captured his very soul, and he felt as if he could look upon her for hours and never tire of her beautiful face.   Deeming her inner strength also extremely endearing, he knew that she could banter easily upon any subject, while maintaining some form of propriety.   She possessed thoughts and opinions, to which he placed a high value.   He sought daily to increase her opinions of him, within her eyes.

Her sparkling eyes continued to hold his, as a slight smile graced her lips.  He wondered what was going on behind those eyes, deep within her thoughts.   Musing on whether or not she could be caught up in the same inner strife that he struggled with did not enter lightly into his mind.   Darcy knew what she thought of him, as she told him quite often.   He sought to expand upon their relationship and would do anything within his power to fulfill a life in which those brilliant, loving eyes would turn his way every day.  If ever such was to be the case, he would consider himself the luckiest man in all of Derbyshire.

All this, contained within a simple look, across a crowded room.

A Kiss

Elizabeth led Darcy around the lake for a walk as their wonderful day together continued to unfold.   Having lain together on the blanket in the private enclosure of trees all day enjoying their picnic, her ardor had been dominating her thoughts.  Darcy’s gentle touches upon her as they had luxuriated and nibbled on the picnic fare had created a need for her to walk, lest she pursue very bold actions right there on the blanket.  His hand now clasped within hers, they walked and chatted about the beautiful setting that they moved through.   After striding halfway around the lake together, conversing in their usual banter, Elizabeth spied a gathering of stones on the side of the water.   The smooth rocks were fashioned by Mother Nature in a natural bench and invited them to take a break and sit down for a spell.  She led Darcy to the spot, gathering up the many folds of her dress around her so that they could sit close together and continue touching.  Her reason for sitting was quickly evident to Darcy as he positioned himself facing her so that he could look into her eyes as his hands ran light caresses along her shoulders. 

They sat together, gazing into each others’ face for a long time with Darcy nuzzling his lips across her neck as he laid his head onto her shoulder, content and happy in every possible way. This extraordinary woman is all mine he thought, and she loves me more deeply than anyone else in the entire world. His happiness flowed throughout his entire face, lighting up all of his features.  Tilting his head upwards, losing himself within Lizzy’s deep, dark, brown eyes he spoke, “I love you dearest, with my mind, body and soul.” He watched as a sly smile crossed her face.  She responded to him by moving her face closer to his.

They almost kissed, with their lips scant inches apart from one another, but at the last second, Darcy drew back his mouth a faint quarter of an inch. Moving closer back together, their mouths opening ever so slight… inviting to one another.  With a touch ever so tender, moving his head forward Darcy felt the tip of Lizzy’s tongue with his own.  Moving their mouths together with their tongues touching in a delicate, ever so gentle manner, they both felt an inner need rising within.  Gesturing forward, unable to contain himself with just a light touch for much longer, Darcy pressed his lips full against hers and kissed her with passion.  Breaking contact moments later, backing away mere inches, the twinkling in his eyes mirroring her own, with both of them smiling.  They stared into each other’s eyes, as the rest of the world disappeared around them.  They leaned closer to one another again as if drawn by an inner, magnetic force, with their lips parted ever so slight as they pressed their mouths tenderly against one another.  As her soft lips only barely touched his, every fiber of their being awakened as their shared ardor rose from within.  The air felt hot and full, capturing shared breath between their open, searching mouths.  

Delicate gestures with the tips of their tongues searched forward in the space between their mouths.   With their lips parted, mere inches apart at the moment, their tongues lightly teased one another which only served to enhance their torturous state of arousal.  The intense yearning passing between their twinkling eyes incited smiles upon both of their faces.  Seizing upon the wanting growing within both of them, as their ragged breathing grew, Lizzy grabbed onto Darcy’s waist with her hands, curling her fingers into the folds of fabric at his hips, digging her fingers into his waistcoat. The rest of the world held no bearing for either of them as time truly stopped.  Only the two of them were on the lakeshore, alone, and together, joined so deeply that all they could feel were each other.  As the air around them shimmered with heated desire they pressed hard into one another.  Darcy could feel her light, soft lips touching his briefly, their tongues tantalizingly pressing together, teasing one another devilishly. Sharing hot, wanting breath full of more than just desire, made it feel as if their hearts were beating together.  Heated, both of them rocked back and forth slowly, in tune to one another’s embrace. Darcy shivered, and grasped her shoulders tightly with his hands as a full blown shudder passed through his body of its own volition.

Time ceased to exist.  Kissing with nothing else in the world entering their thoughts except their breathing, the heightened intensity of their desirable feelings overwhelmed them.  Onwards and onwards both of them spiraled deeper and deeper into one another, losing themselves in the moment. Darcy felt continued shivers coursing through Lizzy’s entire body beneath his hands as she quivered with every gentle touch of his lips, his tongue, his mouth. With a mere kiss, as intense as anything that either of them had ever experienced, they found themselves entering a bliss that neither had ever felt throughout their entire lives.  A continually wanting shudder was flowing through Lizzy’s body as Darcy finally began pulling himself away from her. As their breath continued to flow in hot exhalations, they strove to regain control of themselves before they drove each other fully insane. 

Time began to tick by again as they looked into one another’s eyes with a shared intensity.  The glance acknowledged that they must stop here, before all propriety was thrown to the wind.   With a sly look at his wife, Darcy’s eyes alluded to the fact that this kiss would be continued once they were ensconced in their own chambers later today.   He extended his hand towards her outstretched one, which he could see trembled ever so slightly as he aided Elizabeth to her feet.  Together they undertook the journey back to the picnic blanket to pack their fares and head for the awaiting carriage hand in hand.

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